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Release: 30/Nov/13

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BlockerImprovementNGRINDER-699Make APIs and maven project name consistentJunHo YoonResolved
CriticalImprovementNGRINDER-675Add statistics data chart at perftest listJo jiwonResolved
CriticalNew FeatureNGRINDER-690Provide full REST APIsJunHo YoonResolved
CriticalImprovementNGRINDER-692Support IPv6 and bind to all IPsJo jiwonResolved
CriticalBugNGRINDER-724SVN access from followers is deniedJunHo YoonResolved
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-676Provide more consistent plugin interfacesJunHo YoonResolved
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-677Fix checkstyle errorsJunHo YoonClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-678Allow user sign upmaoyubinResolved
MajorBugNGRINDER-679Support intellijJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-682Adjust logger level to see only necessary logsJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-685Provide custom report plugin structureJunHo YoonResolved
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-688Allow multiple DNS entries to simulate the L4.JunHo YoonResolved
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-693Add agent version info agent list pageJo jiwonResolved
MajorBugNGRINDER-694Make unit tests work againJunHo YoonResolved
MajorBugNGRINDER-695Make the Initial process recognized in ramp up settingsJunHo YoonResolved
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-703Make the configuration keys more consistentJunHo YoonResolved
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-709Make admin password be able to resetJunHo YoonResolved
MajorBugNGRINDER-714Clean up intellij warningJunHo YoonResolved
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-718Enable ramp up by threadJunHo YoonResolved
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-722Support SVN 1.8JunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-289Test Compare feature should be providedJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-486Support agent auto updateJo jiwonResolved
MinorNew FeatureNGRINDER-561Add generic JNLP download feature for recorderJunHo YoonResolved
MinorTaskNGRINDER-592Fix JUnit Test FailureJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-680Make test parameter removable JunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-681Fix NullPointerException while getting monitor dataJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-684Fix typo errorsJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-686Delete all jnlp related codes from ngrindermaoyubinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-687Make OnTestSamplingRunnable initiated whenever the test is executed.JunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-689Clearfy index page logicJo jiwonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-691Refactor ngrinder to be readableJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-696Provide dynamic agent status view in the agent listJo jiwonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-697Use freemarker macro to make ftl more conciseJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-698Switch from Jython to Groovy in ScriptConsoleJo jiwonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-700; in URL should be changed to _ when creating an scriptJo jiwonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-701Make monitoring service cleanJo jiwonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-702Review all java methods docJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-704Make the script syntax check optional during script validationJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-705Fix user deletion failureJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-706Fix the agent resolution bug with regions having same prefixJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-707Provide the attached agent list in healthcheck messagesJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-708Remove unnecessary replicated cacheJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-710Add the easy cluster mode using local file system and h2 tcpserverJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-711Make the default configuration easily manageableJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-712Make ngrinder war executable from command lineJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-713Reduce unnecessary db and access to speed upJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-715Fix the incorrect svn author property bug when editing files in controllerJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-716Make Asian languages correctly shown in the agent logJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-717Make the unused region's agent info deletable.JunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-719Fix unrecognized user svn path error when creating a user with not trimmed user idJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-720Make not frequently used configurations collapsableJunHo YoonResolved
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-721Provide easy user switch for adminJunHo YoonResolved
MinorBugNGRINDER-723Cache expiration is necessary when the user's followers are changedJunHo YoonResolved
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