Version 3.2


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Released: 24/May/13

Release Notes

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BlockerNew FeatureNGRINDER-591Add groovy supportJunHo YoonClosed
BlockerNew FeatureNGRINDER-594Add groovy maven projectJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-580Fix the graph fluctuationJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-600Fix IE10 compatibility issueJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalImprovementNGRINDER-605Increase vuser limitJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalNew FeatureNGRINDER-606Make agent machine never hang or dieJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-188Unapproved/Approved can be used for check machine status when there are 2 or more agents on same machineMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-324Create script sample page.Alex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-462Current Agent_Max need to improved for more convinent usageMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-476Add realtime monitor review page maoyubinClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-501Develop recorder in temp SVN repositoryMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-536Fix the problem of error during closingJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-548Backward and Forward buttons are necessaryJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-551If Recorder maximize the window, Preferences menu can't displayJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-590Report the ngrinder usage to google analyticsmaoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-595Change ngrinder recorder follow ngrinder version schemeJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-85Make target monitor port is configurable.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-158i18n for the image in index and perfTest list page.JunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-414Fix access error to the shared user's repo by SVNMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-431Make cluster mode configuration more stablemaoyubinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-449Fix script display when 2 admin users have a script with same nameMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-535Improve pom.xml of recorderMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-538stop refreshing if the test is finishedAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-553"Sleep(XXX)" in Python script generated by Recorder is not necessaryJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-582Make duration updated after the test is finishedJunHo YoonClosed
MinorTaskNGRINDER-583Prepare 3.2 versionJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-584Make agent number as 0 in script validation phaseJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-585Fix to return active page when agent is approved or unapproved.maoyubinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-586Forward nohub log to /dev/null directoryJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-587Fix PermGen error when running a big scriptJunHo YoonClosed
MinorTaskNGRINDER-588Fix checkstyle issuesJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-589Exclude in the target host stringJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-593Make long script path visiblemaoyubinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-596Change the underlying jxbrowser to 3.4 versionJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-597Make the user password unchangeable in demo modeJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-598Add svn URL breadcrumbJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-599Fix column size overflow for very many tests JunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-601Make the validation result panel expandableJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-602Show the user id in perftest listJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-603Make admin see the lib and resources of other users.JunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-604Make mobile phone number and email fields in user profile not mandatoryJunHo YoonClosed
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