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Released: 21/Dec/12

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CriticalNew FeatureNGRINDER-342Enable region selection Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-345When run a test process:thread=12:8 on 12 core machine, Memory usage kept rising up Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-423Region info is wrong when enable "ngrinder.cluster.mode = true"JunHo YoonClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-426{No_Cluster_Mode} Start up console213 and agent211, found Max_agent_num and Script_resources are Null.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
CriticalImprovementNGRINDER-430Change license to Apache 2.0JunHo YoonClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-444{}Run a test for Nginx performance , found TPS is much lower than expectJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-457Creat a test, error happend "Error when checking file existence from SVN"Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-472Login as cn14306 and run a test, fail , error "Current free agent size : 0/Required :1"Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-136[3.0]Run a test with 2 agents@1 machine, error happened and test run failJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-147A existed Test and related Script_Sources should be permitted to be shared by different userMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-256Script validation pass should be a key condition for starting a testAlex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-284Define the developing featuresMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-285Investigate and implement the clustering techniques Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-286Share user identity to other users.Alex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-343Please consider Schedule_list , so user can manage existed scheduled taskMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-347Implement ehcache clusterMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-349Add announcement bannerAlex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-360Modify monitoring functionMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-364add condition in perftest list query to search the scheduled test.Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-373the max value of agent is not correct.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-374can't run test if unselect region.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-376Fix check style error.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-377in cluster mode, let controller log file different for every controller.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-378Clone a new test , Target_Host info can't be changed Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-379test is not stopped properly.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-382Mount share-server on controller machine, start controller, found no system-ex.conf was createdmaoyubinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-384Unit tests, code coverageMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-390Check a finished test, script info can't be seenmaoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-394some error occured when open admin user detail page.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-395Modify agent.max.runhour=100, create a new test duration=99, save ,found duration=3hoursAlex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-397improve user profile page, not to load all user at the beginning.Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-399Set SystemConfigure agent.max.size=1,Run a test with 2 agents , successJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-400Enhance cache implementationJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-405User "admin" and "superuser" can't stop other users' running testMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-406{IE9} Log in as "superuser" , check profile, find it's "user"Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-407Login as test1 and switch to user, Run testId=49, found Running_time is wrongmaoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-409Error occur when save test if set region is NONE.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-410Region_list cache is unstable.JunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-411Create a test with script "open("hello.txt")" , found error happened "TOO_MANY_ERRORS"Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-416Operation is error in perftest list when the status is changed.Alex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-417"Stop" button on agentlist_page terminated a running(BUSY) agent without any warningAlex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-420Single-Sign-On feature realization Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-421no TPS when run a test using runcount and ignor.JunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-427Agent list status is not correctMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-432peak tps in report is 0.JunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-434Share "user" to "test1", then share "test1" to "user", login as test1, error happenedJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-435Check a test by admin(test1) , found no script was displayed.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-439Fix initial scheduled timeMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-441Searched by userId (keyword=nb11397) in Userlist, no resultJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-446Add xmx and xms and -server when execution test processJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-448{}Login as admin, create a new script, validate, error happenedJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-452When set agent region=console213_owned_test1, login as test1,can't set this agentMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-453Test Detail validation check is missing iE8.DuBanClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-464Copy the configuration in org_conf directory when there are already configuration with same nameJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-468Deleted a script used by finished test, clone this test with other script, revision is wrongAlex QinClosed
MinorNew FeatureNGRINDER-67Test default option page in Admin menu.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-229If set run_counts, it will be fine if display real-time run_count on Running_pagemaoyubinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-244Upload popup have some Chinese when language=EnglishJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-245Clone a test without script file, error happenedMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-330update i18n messages for v3.1Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-339Provide Preauth Filter for SiteMinder ImplementationJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-341When test run finished, test_list table was't auto-refresh at same timemaoyubinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-353Improve jquery validation code.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-366Make superuser can see all testsmaoyubinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-372delete button is not display.Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-375check all will check all checkboxes in page.Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-380Validate script,popup didn't have any notification wordsAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-386Instal as agent, found Name= in Agent_listMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-388when change interval value in agent detail page, the x-tick in charts is not change.Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-392Valiate script on Console106, error happened " Failed to get local hostname ......: NC-PL-QA018"maoyubinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-393agent MEM monitor data in running page is not same with agent detail page.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-401Integrate .ngrinder and .ngrinder_exJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-402Delete unnecessary partJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-4041 logical conflict issue: "admin" and "superuser" user can delete a test owned by other user but can' clone itMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-408Duration drag handler is wrong Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-412Notify "Save" when user want to close Script_EditBoardAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-413Please consider add "Date" to logMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-424Start up controller , error in ngrinder.log ""Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorNew FeatureNGRINDER-433Add scheduleTestHook to verify the test configuration by adminJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-436Provide the customizable help urlMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-437Make a agent shutdown use signal 15(SIG_TERM) not to generate thread dumpJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-438Use enhanced password encoding depending on configurationJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-442Provide database_url_option to support HA modeJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-443Provide the support for user defined translation for some entries.JunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-445Select_all check box didn't work if page skipping from page_1 to page_2Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-454Jquery exception occurs when click username in navigatorJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-455Add placeholder of input text box in IE as wellJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-456Add region selection in agent listJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-459Copy default configuration with _org postfix even when there are already files.JunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-460Change "agent.max.runhour=9", check a finished test(duration=15hs), found duration is wrongAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-461In the main page, the number of running status are not correct.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-463Enhance the process and thread default policyJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-466Make quickstart allow the url without http://JunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-470Cannot stop agentAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-474Search keywords alphabetic case consistency for perf_list/user_list/script_list Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-477Change agent.max.runhour (from 8 to 4), set max duration=4hrs1mns, save, error happenedAlex QinClosed
TrivialBugNGRINDER-458Spelling mistake ""maoyubinClosed
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