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Released: 31/Oct/12

Release Notes

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CriticalBugNGRINDER-203Run 2 test at same time, found report can't be displayed after duration.maoyubinClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-233Run a test by process=10/thread=2, but Running_Process=3/Running_Threads=6 on runing pagJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalImprovementNGRINDER-237Run a test for 2 hours 55 minuetes, found performance Charts accuracy are too lowAlex QinClosed
CriticalBugNGRINDER-313Fix "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" errors when validating scriptMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-34add plugin support in login moduleJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-42UI element cleanupJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-44Make experimental implementation on SVN based script managementJunHo YoonClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-45Fix test failureJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-49Clean up checkstyle errorsJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-140Block unapproved agentJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-187Adjust log levelMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-198Start a test, found can't start, there are logs " ERROR o.n.p.service.PerfTestRunnable : Terminate 1"maoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-209Fix unit test errors and improve test coverageMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-214Abnormal test finishJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-232Running Time is wrong Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-238If the 1st minute of Test Report and the 1st minutes of Report_in_Detail are much differentMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-253Duration and Initial_Sleep_Time policy isn't clearmaoyubinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-267Process:Thread=10:2, TPS/MeanTimes graphics are differentMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-273Test status inconsistentAlex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-275Schedule test can't started as scheduled if having test confliction on schedule_Start_TimeMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-276Monitoring is not working in different timezoneMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-292Make test tagging work in IE9Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-294Statistic calculation errorMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-295Only english and number should be allowed in user id.Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-310Check a finished test, Running_Page was displayed for a few secondsMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-316Deploy ngrinder-core and ngtrinder-dns on Github as a Maven RepositorymaoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-321Run a test , Processes/Threads=1:10, found VUser=1 maoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-325Running_time is wrong Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-326Prepare nGrinder 3.0 ReleasemaoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-327Configure 1 agent owned by user, 1 agent owned by user1,found Agent_Max=3 JunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-328Validate Error "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.SecurityException: Read write access on ....grinder-dcr-agent-3.9.1.jar) is not allowed."maoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-329Edit script and add "", found it can't be deletedmaoyubinClosed
MinorTaskNGRINDER-131Java Security SandBox: Scope 2 : Provide the permission profiler to detect security abuse.Liu ZhifeiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-185Enhance script consoleJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-199Unregister sampling when the test duration is finished.JunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-212Running page didn't close automatically after duration maoyubinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-234Change the title "Memory" in report page and agent detail page, to "Used Memory". And solve the problem: memory data access error.Liu ZhifeiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-235Start up 2 test , 2nd can't be started, error in agent.log "ERROR net.grinder.AgentDaemon "DuBanClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-236Clone won't be permitted to create new test with same TestName as existed oneLiu ZhifeiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-239Time displayment is wrong on detail TPS GraphicMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-241When a test has finished in Safari, it didn't finish in IE9maoyubinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-246When real_duration isn't as same as Duration, real_duration need to be displayed on reportLiu ZhifeiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-249Open Agent_list page, wait after 1 hour, access to agent list , error happenedJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-254Cloning test problemMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-261Get a OOM error in report pageLiu ZhifeiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-262In report page, the system data chart's finish time is wrongLiu ZhifeiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-272IE cache problemAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-281Provide batch/shell for easy exeuctionJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-282Create a error showing pageMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-287[3.0 Release]Table titles are overlapped on running pageAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-290Ignore Sigar Load error on centos 6.0Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-311Configure 2 monitors(same IP) , check monitor's graphic chart, found some blank space after durationAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-314Provide servlet filter pluginJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-315Add agent which is used for specific user.JunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-317Input testing tag as "1,2,3,4" , save, was saved as "1" "2" "3" "4" JunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-318The notifcation "Please enter positive number" didn't disappear when Processes/Threads changed with VUserJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-323Make max runcount / max runhour checkedJunHo YoonClosed
TrivialImprovementNGRINDER-320"Action" background color isn't grey when there isn't any scriptAlex QinClosed
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