Version 3.0-alpha


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Released: 10/Aug/12

Release Notes

big architectural changes - support multi-test / enhance securityShow more
CriticalBugNGRINDER-4Wrong maven dependency in github ngrinderJunHo YoonClosed
CriticalNew FeatureNGRINDER-10Support concurrent multiple test JunHo YoonClosed
CriticalImprovementNGRINDER-21Structuring nGrinder structureJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-2Simplify and improve Hanitor monitoring toolsLiu ZhifeiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-6Make a design UX document on hosted type of nGrinderIsaiah ChoeClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-7Create a project on SVN for nGrinder new version.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-8Develop the script management moduleAlex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-9Finish the system framework and develop script management moduleLiu ZhifeiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-11Setup hudson for new ngrinder structureMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-15Remove log patching streamIsaiah ChoeClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-18Move datastore from application folder to ${user.home}/.ngrinderJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-19Add atlassian plugin framwork into controllerJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-23add spring securityJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-26Migrate and develop user management modulemaoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-27Migrate and develop agent management moduleLiu ZhifeiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-28Develop performance test module: test listing and editing functionMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-32Add default user if there is no user in dbJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-33Add plugin support SpringSecurityJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-35Make basemodel refer User as the created/modified userJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-36Delete all static method useJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-37Make all code follow coding styleJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-38Add cache layer to reduce db callJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-39Change maven group name into org.ngrinderJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-46User Id should be provided when update user infoMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-47Use spring task support to run perfTestJunHo YoonClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-48Create pages, update UI style or js.Alex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-49Clean up checkstyle errorsJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-50In user edetail page, if user don't enter password, the previous password should not be changed.maoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-51create user profile and register page.maoyubinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-52develop test report page, including server side and UILiu ZhifeiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-53Script validationAlex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-55simplify user tree in user list and detail page.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-56Delete ngrinder agent moduleJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-57Add rss reader on first pageJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-58Resolve and improve script management function based on new script module.maoyubinClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-59add enhanced index page linking dev resourcesJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-60Finished script management moduleMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-62Add index on SpringDATA modelMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-64Develop test running functionAlex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-65Add validation of pages.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-68Add unit test for controllerMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorTaskNGRINDER-69Integration testMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-71Problem during deleting testAlex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-75Improve system securityMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-77Add agent home logic in ngrinder-coreJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-78controller monitor agent when open agent detail page.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-79Add status icon on each perf testJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-84Fix the problem in agent monitor pageAlex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-86Quick test supportJunHo YoonClosed
MajorNew FeatureNGRINDER-87Develop ScriptValidation..JunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-90Investigate the possible memory leak problem of jqPlotAlex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-106EditArea is not working in IE9JunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-109when create scirpt, name without extension, it will fail to create.Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-116Delect test fail.Alex QinClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-120System Data and Java Data don't show any data.Alex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-132Fix statistic to save all dataMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-141Implement log tranferJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-150Add test comment featureJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-152Make spring security more stableJunHo YoonClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-154Use bootstrap style confirm boxAlex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-183Add current running statusJunHo YoonClosed
MajorBugNGRINDER-191In Test_List_Page, Action button <X> didn't display in IE9 Alex QinClosed
MajorImprovementNGRINDER-217Add <Export Charts> button on report pageMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-13Make annotation-based component scan for repository and bo as well.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-14Remove hudson related code from sourceJunHo YoonClosed
MinorTaskNGRINDER-16Arrange documentation structures to develop documentations on the wiki site of YoonClosed
MinorTaskNGRINDER-17Create github projectJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-20logback.xml dtd refer does not work in network-less env in EclipseJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-24clean up method assert codesJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-25Elaborate SpringData entity hierarchyJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-30Add testmode configurationJunHo YoonClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-31Change Admin default page from agent to project/listJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-40Modify POM to resolve compiling problem.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-41Add missing user_language and timezone setting from Cookie in Login page.Mavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorNew FeatureNGRINDER-66Slide based duration selectionMavlarn TuohutiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-76Delete unnecessary filesJunHo YoonClosed
MinorTaskNGRINDER-81system i18n with English, Chinese and KoreanAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-91Error to start 2 agents on one machineJunHo YoonClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-100Copyright truncatedAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-103The date initialized at 201/08/01Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-107The border of tests lose.Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-113[3.0] Delete button "X" in result list didn't work in IE8Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-122The function of button 'Refresh' does't work. Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-123[3.0]Agent Info page, System Data graphic has some problemsAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-135[3.0]Change Vuser_per_agent data, floating-frame "Updating..." wiil be flickering for more than 10 minutesAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-143Find the grungy jquery code using and improve them.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-151i18n for pagingAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-153add title for the charts in agent detail page.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-163remove warning when click report tab in perftest detail page.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-173remove i18n about test day status.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-175toggle the icon when click the switch button of vuser per agent option in test detail.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-176Create a subclass of SecurityManager, used to limit the permissions.Liu ZhifeiClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-179improve the display of approving agent.Alex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-182add the search bar style in agent list page. Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-184translate and clean up i18n message.Alex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-207Title / Name didn't display completelyAlex QinClosed
MinorImprovementNGRINDER-210Monitor Chart didn't have CPU/Memory Chart Name and <Export Charts> buttonAlex QinClosed
MinorBugNGRINDER-221When unable "Enable Ramp-up", Ramp-up chart didn't disappearAlex QinClosed
TrivialImprovementNGRINDER-43Use $() instead of jQuery()Alex QinClosed
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