CM Server



Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug TOOLS-257 Due Date: 03/Nov/11 [CM][BUG]Copy database to one running database should be failed.
  • Bug TOOLS-2233 Due Date: 13/Nov/12 [CWM-Broker] I login the database of remote broker. But the deleted database is local.
  • Improvement TOOLS-2359 Due Date: 13/Dec/12 [CWM-CMS-importcsv] Import csv file of 150MB size to database fail.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Task TOOLS-4209 Last Friday 2:58 PM use cppcheck to check whether is there some logic risk.
  • Bug TOOLS-3553 Last Wednesday 3:27 PM CUBRID Manager를 이용한 백업 수행 불가
  • Bug TOOLS-4084 11/Aug/14 [CMS getCMSenv] getCMSenv does not validate token.

Versions: Unreleased