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Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug TOOLS-2233 Due Date: 13/Nov/12 [CWM-Broker] I login the database of remote broker. But the deleted database is local.
  • Improvement TOOLS-2359 Due Date: 13/Dec/12 [CWM-CMS-importcsv] Import csv file of 150MB size to database fail.
  • Bug TOOLS-2954 Due Date: 14/Dec/12 CLONE - [CWM-CMS] The primary key of long table and long column can't be edited and droped.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug TOOLS-4236 Last Thursday 5:41 PM [CMS] Interface restoredb, restore database failed.
  • Bug TOOLS-4264 Last Monday 11:43 AM [CMS] Interface dbmtuserlogin failed, respond "Environment variable ISOLATION_LEVEL: \"isolation_level\": Unknown system parameter or bad value.<end>Value type does not match parameter type.<end>ERROR: User \"user_not_dba1\" is invalid.<end>"
  • Bug TOOLS-4247 17/Mar/15 [CMS] Interface addtrigger, execute failed.

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