CUBRID Migration Toolkit



Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug TOOLS-588 Due Date: 18/Jan/12 [CMT2][BUG] When there is long data in number(p,s) field ,migrate it to varchar, it will be error.
  • Bug TOOLS-1109 Due Date: 21/May/12 [CMT8.4.1.1205] It will pop error when migrate set data type to set(charactor varying) via online migration.
  • Bug TOOLS-1980 Due Date: 07/Sep/12 [CMT8.4.1.1209]The index attribute hasn't been saved.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug TOOLS-4100 Last Wednesday 11:34 AM [CMT] While migrating data from MSSQL to Cubrid, If there are views to be migrated, the migration would be failed.
  • Bug TOOLS-4089 Last Wednesday 10:32 AM [CMT] There is an index error occurs, while creating a ORACLE migration.
  • Improvement TOOLS-4090 Last Tuesday 12:46 PM Set the default value of CSV escape char to empty.

Versions: Unreleased