CUBRID Tools contain three management tools for CUBRID database.they are CUBRID Manager and CUBRID Query Browser and CUBRID Migration Toolkit. Includes manage database,log,broker,database and HA status,query editor,migrate data and schema to CUBRID.

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  • Bug TOOLS-234 Due Date: 25/Oct/11 [CM][BUG]Create trigger, sql script has problem.
  • Bug TOOLS-640 Due Date: 16/Feb/12 [QB1.0] Do select union all by query browser , it will pop warning, but it's ok in csql
  • Task TOOLS-632 Due Date: 24/Feb/12 [QB]Modify checkstyle, pmd, findbugs errors and warning

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  • Bug TOOLS-4212 Today 4:11 PM [CMS] CMS print error message all the time and cannot be connected.
  • Bug TOOLS-4211 18/Sep/14 [CM] Delete all sql log file failed.
  • Task TOOLS-4210 12/Sep/14 Add result compare function in unit test cases.

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