ADO.NET driver

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug APIS-366 When using bind parameters to insert data, if parameter type is SET and the actual data type is STRING, driver willl threw an exception.
  • New Feature APIS-178 Support for ResultSet Equivalent
  • Improvement APIS-432 [Survey] Lack of Sample codes and documents(.net development)

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug APIS-729 Yesterday 2:43 PM [ADO.NET] The CUBRIDCommand.GetGeneratedKeys() throws a "missing or invalid arguments" Exception
  • Bug APIS-728 Last Friday 12:00 PM [ADO.NET]The DbConnection.GetSchema(string) should return null if the collectionName is invalid
  • Bug APIS-727 Last Friday 11:36 AM [ADO.NET]The DbConnection.GetSchema(string) should throw an ArgumentException if the arg is specified as null.

Versions: Unreleased