This is a spin-off project of CUBRID engine project ( and developing CUBRID APIs for better support. The project covers JDBC, PHP, ODBC, OLEDB, Ruby, Python, etc. For more information, visit our web site:

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  • Bug APIS-292 Due Date: 26/Sep/12 [PHP] php driver throw exception when query "db_class"
  • Bug APIS-302 Due Date: 26/Sep/12 [Perl] When run bind_param for statement, if the parameters number less than ?, it hasn't any warning.
  • Bug APIS-560 Cannot load PHP API in CentOS 5.6: undefined symbol: pthread_create in Unknown on line 0

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  • Bug APIS-729 Last Tuesday 2:43 PM [ADO.NET] The CUBRIDCommand.GetGeneratedKeys() throws a "missing or invalid arguments" Exception
  • Improvement APIS-718 Last Monday 3:28 PM [Python][Manual] Some functions/properties do not have any description on the manual
  • Bug APIS-713 11/Apr/14 [Python] The build number should be included in client_version()

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